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            Glorious Hair              Covering
           Unit Pieces

Hair Units was created to eliminate the guesswork and fatigue associated with manual handheld methods, along with the scarring, complications and downtime of existing invasive surgical techniques. They are considered a Temporary Non- Surgical Solution

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  • The two listed to the right are only a few. You have many options of Units that will be Discussed at time of Consultation

2-4 Week Unit

  • This installment require hair on the sides to blend.

  • Can Not be touch up.

  • This installment come with full haircut. 

Up to 3-4 Month Unit 

This installment comes with one units and require hair on the sides to blend.


This unit can be taken off, wash and reapply. 

This installment come with full haircut. 

A few Requirements

  • You must allow your hair to grow to a certain length to help if blending 

is needed.

  • You must be in person to receive your unit. Units cannot be shipped!

  • Please keep in mind your hair texture might prevent certain styles

  • After a style has been agreed upon, we will communicate available dates.

*****Failure to follow these instructions may affect your current and future appointments. *****

your Consultation and appointment has been confirmed, there is nothing to do but show up on the
scheduled date approx. 10 minutes before your appointment. I allow one reschedule, if you need to reschedule your before 72 hours of appointment time.

Take time to view sample hair units photos. Feel free to text or email me if you have any question.

Need The FAQ sheet; 

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