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Hair Care Workshop




2 Weeks

About the Course

It is the desire of many people to look good, and this cuts across all genders. Improving one’s outer appearance not only makes you attractive but also enhances your self-confidence. This Course Give your tips for caring for hair and or your child/children hair with confidence.

Your Instructor

Marlina Byers

Marlina Byers

Providing unconditional quality in performance and service for every client. Motivated by this collective passion, the inner-most desire of bringing excellence to her craft led her to the creation of Thee Hair Counselor (T.H.C.) where She is able to fulfill her life’s mission every day.

When Marlina realized the combined power of their talent, knowledge of the industry, depth of experience and ministry would lead to a better salon environment for everyone, she got aligned with other creative and motivated professionals who are also invested in their clients well-being, the success of one another, and the community at large.

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