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Thee Hair Counselor services are primarily for house and private call services. Service for Office, Rehabilitation Facilities, and Events are upon request and availability.

This is not your traditional salon/barbershop and spa experience. We bring the service to your location.

This experience gives the client there Luxurious experience, plus the overall convenience of having a mobile stylist/barber come to your location for a fee that start at 65$.

The goal will be to add a Mobile Unit that will arrive at your location in the future, where you can step up board for your service. Most of our Elite private clients refer others that can afford luxury.  For client who would to to have their experience in a private suite; you too will be able to come to me starting September 1st 2023


No more fighting traffic, waiting in long lines, or waiting in busy shop. Gift Cards are available for purchase. We are the Ultimate Mobile Stylist/Barber Experience.

                                                                  **(Reservations and Consultations are Required)** 

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